Licensing Policy

The Review Journal of Social Psychology & Social Works (RJSPS) is committed to promoting open access and dissemination of scholarly research in the fields of social psychology and social work. This policy outlines the terms and conditions under which authors retain certain rights to their work upon publication in RJSPS.

Copyright and Licensing Options:

Authors retain copyright of their published work and grant RJSPS a non-exclusive, worldwide license to publish, reproduce, distribute, and promote the work in all formats and media. Authors choose between two Creative Commons licenses when submitting their manuscript:

1. CC BY-NC-ND: This license allows non-commercial reuse of the work with no alterations (no derivatives) and attribution to the authors. This is the recommended license for authors seeking the widest possible dissemination of their work while maintaining strict control over its integrity.

2. CC BY-NC: This license allows non-commercial reuse of the work, including the creation of derivatives, with attribution to the authors. This license may be suitable for authors who want to encourage more remixing and adaptation of their work while still restricting commercial use.

Author Rights:

Under both licenses, authors retain the following rights:

  • To self-archive their work in institutional repositories or personal websites after a six-month embargo period following publication.
  • To use their work in their own teaching and research.
  • To deposit their work in third-party repositories (e.g., arXiv) with no embargo period, provided the final published version with RJSPS citation information is also made available.
  • To translate their work into other languages.
  • To enter into separate, additional contractual agreements for the non-exclusive reprinting, distribution, or translation of the work, provided that RJSPS is identified as the original publisher and that any such contract terms are not in conflict with the CC license granted to RJSPS.