Peer Review Policy

The Review Journal of Social Psychology & Social Works (RJSPSW) adheres to a rigorous and fair double-blind peer review process to ensure the publication of high-quality articles that contribute significantly to the fields of social psychology and social work.


  • Reviewers are chosen based on their expertise in the relevant areas of social psychology and social work, ensuring a thorough and qualified assessment of submitted manuscripts.
  • Reviewers are expected to maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding submitted manuscripts and any associated information.
  • Reviewers are expected to recuse themselves from reviewing any manuscript where a conflict of interest exists (e.g., co-authorship, prior collaboration, institutional affiliation with authors).
  • RJSPSW maintains a diverse pool of reviewers to ensure balanced and unbiased evaluations.

Review Process:

  • All submitted manuscripts are initially screened by the editorial team for adherence to the journal's aims and scope, formatting guidelines, and ethical considerations. Manuscripts deemed suitable for further review are then assigned to two or more independent reviewers.
  • Reviews are double-blind, meaning that reviewers' identities are not disclosed to authors and vice versa.
  • Reviewers are asked to provide constructive and detailed feedback on the following aspects of the manuscript:
    • Originality and significance of the research
    • Methodological soundness and rigor
    • Clarity and logical structure of the writing
    • Quality of analysis and interpretation of data
    • Relevance to the journal's aims and scope
    • Ethical considerations
  • Reviewers are encouraged to provide specific suggestions for improvement.
  • The editorial team considers all reviewer feedback and makes a final decision on the manuscript based on the overall merit and the recommendations provided.

Additional Considerations:

  • RJSPSW operates a transparent review process. Authors will receive anonymized reviewer reports along with the editorial decision.
  • Authors are given the opportunity to respond to reviewer feedback and revise their manuscripts in accordance with the reviewers' suggestions.
  • The final decision on publication rests with the editor-in-chief.

Reviewer Responsibilities:

  • Reviewers agree to treat all submitted manuscripts with confidentiality and respect.
  • Reviewers agree to provide unbiased and objective feedback based on their expertise.
  • Reviewers agree to complete reviews within the allotted timeframe.
  • Reviewers agree to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.