Withdrawal Policy

The Review Journal of Social Psychology & Social Works (RJSPSW) recognizes that authors may withdraw their manuscripts for various reasons during the editorial process. This policy outlines the conditions and procedures for manuscript withdrawal.

Grounds for Withdrawal:

Authors may withdraw their manuscript at any point before publication for the following reasons:

  • Significant changes in the underlying research or data: If new findings or developments render the manuscript outdated or inaccurate, authors may opt to withdraw it for revision or submission elsewhere.
  • Ethical concerns: If authors discover ethical issues with the research or potential plagiarism, they should immediately inform the editor and may choose to withdraw the manuscript.
  • Change in authorship: If there are significant changes in authorship (addition, removal, or order), authors may need to withdraw the original manuscript and submit a revised version with updated authorship information.
  • Loss of funding or resources: If authors lose funding or resources necessary to complete the research and revise the manuscript, they may withdraw it.
  • Disagreement with editorial decisions: While it is encouraged to address any concerns through the editorial dialogue, authors have the right to withdraw their manuscript if they disagree with significant editorial decisions that compromise the work's integrity.

Procedure for Withdrawal:

  • Authors must submit a formal written request for withdrawal to the editor, clearly stating the reason for withdrawal.
  • The withdrawal request should be sent via email to the editor-in-chief at [insert email address].
  • If the manuscript has already undergone peer review, authors should acknowledge the reviewers' contributions and express their gratitude.
  • Authors are responsible for informing any co-authors about the withdrawal request.

Consequences of Withdrawal:

  • Manuscripts withdrawn before peer review will not be included in the RJSPSW's published record.
  • Manuscripts withdrawn after peer review will have a withdrawal note attached to the review record in the manuscript tracking system. This note will indicate the date of withdrawal and the reason provided by the authors (unless the reason concerns confidentiality).
  • Authors who withdraw manuscripts after acceptance and production have begun may be responsible for covering any associated costs.


If an author's request for withdrawal is denied by the editor-in-chief, they may appeal the decision to the editorial board. The appeal should be submitted in writing and address the reasons for the editor's decision and why the author believes the withdrawal should be allowed. The editorial board's decision will be final.